Our Sprouting Advantage

Why Our Sprouted Ingredients Are Your Most Nutrient Dense Option


Food Safety

Delivering a safe and nutritionally superior product to our customers is our highest priority.  From our custom engineered facility, to our industry leading standards and processes, Live Better Sprouting Innovation sets the standard for sprouted ingredient excellence.

Quality Ingredients

Quality ingredients are dependent on quality of seed.  Because seed quality is the most important step in our process, we have established proprietary testing methods that far exceed industry standards. While the industry may claim 99.9% seed purity, this only references debris and does not take into account non-vital, broken or discolored seed.   Our germination rate standards are so high that we are continuously pushing the industry to provide purer, cleaner, better seeds, grains and pulses.

Quality Analysis

All seeds and grains purchased must meet our high quality specifications. To ensure that our ingredient inputs are of the highest standard, prior to purchasing, all seed lots used for sprouting undergo rigorous purity and microbial analyses that again exceed industry standards.

In the seed industry, seed purity is based on the amount of debris found in the seed.  The standard claim of 99.9% purity is not an indicator of density, broken, discolored or damaged seed. All of these factors can significantly impact the vitality of the seed, reducing the germination rate and quality of the finished sprouted product. Our quality analysis is based on all of these factors. Additionally, we have the most representative seed sampling and microbial testing protocols in the industry.

Process Monitoring

With more than 25 years of sprouting expertise, we know that in order to produce a high quality sprouted product, we need to be aware that every seed has unique characteristics and growing rhythms. Therefore, every step of our sprouting process is closely monitored to ensure our sprouted ingredients deliver the most nutrient dense output possible.  Our proprietary low heat dehydration system is carefully monitoring through our computerized as well as by our highly trained growing staff. This oversight allows us to deliver the most optimal and uniform seed growth available on the market today.

Environmental Quality

Air and water quality are vital to establish an ideal environment for optimal sprouting.  High quality sprouting can only be done in an environment where the air and water quality is pristine.  That’s why we take extreme care to filter the air in our facility every 38 minutes through HEPA filters and UV light to remove all mold, spores, dust and bacteria.  In addition, the water used to wash, soak, grow and rinse our seeds is some of the cleanest water on earth.  We start with pure Canadian township treated water and we filter it through carbon, fiber and UV filtration systems and then aerate it.

Facility and Environment Security

We are committed to maintaining a secure facility and safe growing environment.   Our high tech security and monitoring system with biometric controls and our best practices for visitors and employees help to prevent contaminates from entering our facility.  Our premises both interior and exterior are monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras.


Founded by Dennis and Gail Barker, Live Better Sprouting Innovation (formally BioEssential Botanicals), have been experts in the sprouting industry for over 25 years and continues to lead the research into germination and its effects on nutritional profile of seeds, grains and pulses.   Their efforts have been recognized by Industry Canada in the areas of technology and innovation.  Dennis & Gail have developed proprietary methods and standards for commercialization of germinated and dehydrated value-added products.  The expertise of renowned researchers and third party laboratories quantify our findings.


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